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Washington is one of the harshest jurisdictions for online casino gambling in the United jurisdictions. The law criminalizes all online wagering in Washington State and prosecutes both operators and participants. However, land-based wagering is permitted and horse racing is ubiquitous and legal. On tribal lands, gambling is permitted, and there are 29 licensed casinos throughout the state. Additionally, there are sixteen casino cruise ships in the port of Washington State. Washington’s Gambling Commission is responsible for enforcement. They issue licenses, regulate gambling, and enforce state gambling laws. Interestingly, wagering for charitable fundraising and office pool wagers are also permitted.

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We do not review casinos for Washington State residents, as the Washington State wagering Commission has specifically stated that all forms of online wagering are prohibited for Washington residents. In addition, they criminalized online wagering in 2006, meaning that it is possible to be prosecuted for it, and legal challenges have failed to alter this. Because of this, it will be difficult to locate an online casino that accepts IP addresses from Washington. For many, Washington is behind the times, as other states, such as New Jersey and Delaware, have legalized online casinos and are beginning to reap the benefits of the enormous tax revenues a regulated industry can generate. Nonetheless, there is some good news for Washington State players. As there are numerous lawful and fully regulated land-based tribal casinos in-state, you can still play your favored games; however, you may have to travel as many are located in the Northwest.

The Best Online Casinos in Washington State by CasinoTop10 must:


Not operate within Washington state territory; Accept USD

Be licensed and regulated.

The Legality of Land-Based and Online Casinos in the State of Washington

In the state of Washington, gambling is defined as “Staking or risking something of value on the outcome of a contest of chance or future contingent event not under the person’s control or influence, in exchange for an agreement that someone will receive something of value.” The primary land-based gambling regulation law in Washington State is the 1973 Gambling Act, which legalized only certain forms of pool wagering. Aside from those forms regulated by the Indian Gaming Act, it stated that all other forms of sports wagering and gambling were prohibited. In 2006, legislation was enacted making online wagering illegal for residents of Washington State. Washington State has made no additional efforts to liberalize its sports wagering markets despite the 2018 repeal of the 1992 PASPA Act, which had made sports betting unlawful at the federal level. This implies that online wagering is prohibited for all Washington State residents, as stated on the Washington State wagering Commission website. According to our knowledge and records, they have never prosecuted an actual player.

What is the minimum age to gamble in Washington?


Depending on the activity and casino, participants must be 18 or 21 to engage in land-based wagering. In Washington, the minimum age for lottery, poker, and bingo is 18, while the majority of other forms of wagering require a minimum age of 21.


The following forms of wagering are licensed and regulated under state law:

There are five horse tracks in Washington; they are located in Auburn, Kennewick, Dayton, Walla Walla, and Waitsburg, and they offer pari-mutuel wagering.

Tribal Casino: Under the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act. Illegal are casinos and wagering devices outside of these establishments.

1997 saw the legalization of house-banked card rooms, but individual cities in Washington State are permitted to ban them, and 70 have. In spite of this, card rooms are lawful and are not restricted to tribal lands and proprietorship, but operators must pay 20% in taxes.

In Washington, workplace wagering has been legal since 1973, per the 1973 wagering Act. It permits workplace wagering under strict conditions, including one pool per event and a $100 maximum pool size. This is the only authorized form of pool wagering in Washington State.

Card games, bingo, amusement games, draw tabs, punchboards, lotteries, and fundraising events are also licensed activities.

Gambling on Land in Washington State Today

The Tribal Act is utilized effectively in the state of Washington, which is home to over 29 tribal casinos and resorts, including The Ilani and Suquamish Clearwater Casino Resort. Here is a complete inventory of the licensed tribal casinos in the state of Washington!


Casino Cruises in the State of Washington

In Seattle, Washington, there are 16 cruise ships that offer wagering, with Holland America Lines and Ambassador International Lines being the most prominent lines offering slot machines, table games, and poker!


Card Rooms in the State of Washington

Card Rooms in Washington are legal and therefore readily accessible, unless your jurisdiction has specifically prohibited them, which is possible. Card Rooms are only permitted to offer casino tables and card games, not slot machines, video lottery terminals, or video draw tabs, unless they are also a tribal establishment. Card Rooms are permitted to operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week, with high betting limits of $200 per table and the ability to offer progressive prizes and carried-over sums.

State of Washington Bingo Halls and Lottery


The state of Washington has a lottery with numerous variations, including Mega Millions, Powerball, Keno, Lotto, Hit 5, Match 4, and Daily Games. In 1982, Washington became the sixteenth state to legalize the lottery and provide a statewide networked game with prizes of varying sizes for various games and tickets. As the state of Washington operates and licenses the lottery, it is one of the only legitimate forms of gambling in Washington State that interacts with consumers via a website or mobile app! With over 180 Bingo Halls, the game of Bingo is thriving in Washington. This facilitates the enjoyment of Bingo throughout the state, which has a more laid-back attitude toward this aspect of gambling. In Washington State, charitable Bingo events can also obtain a license, making the game even more popular. However, there are no online bingo activities available.


Are gambling machines permissible in Washington?

As the tribal casinos and Washington State were unable to reach an agreement regarding Slots, they are not lawful. Instead, VLT machines, a form of lottery slot or scratchcard game, provide a unique land-based gaming experience in Washington State.


State of Washington Online Gambling Laws

The Washington State wagering Commission explains on its website that online wagering is illegal in the state of Washington, as was mentioned previously. This includes all forms of online wagering, including online poker in Washington State. Yes, this includes poker as well, as there is no Pokerstars in Washington State. However, Washington residents have access to some of the state’s finest land-based casino resorts and Card Rooms.


What do I need to know about online casinos in the state of Washington?

The minimum age to gamble in the state of Washington is 18 for the lottery, Bingo, and Poker, and 21 for all other forms of wagering;

The state of Washington prohibits online casinos; offshore casinos frequently do not recognize IP addresses from the state of Washington.

What the Offshore Casino Gambling Laws Mean for Washington State Gamblers

As Washington State has prohibited online gambling and participation in Washington state online gambling is unlawful, offshore casinos typically do not take IP and physical addresses from Washington State. This means that we do not recommend offshore wagering to residents of Washington.


Online Casino Games For The State Of Washington

So, you can wager on live Horse Racing, cards such as Poker, Blackjack online, and Sic Bo, play online Roulette, visit in-state casinos, and enjoy virtually all the standard casino games available worldwide, with the exception of Online Slots in Washington State, but you must play in licensed casinos or Card Rooms.

Washington State Casinos Frequently Asked Questions


Is online wagering permissible in Washington?

In Washington, online wagering is illegal, and specific legislation from 2006 targets online casinos and participants.


Is online sports wagering lawful in the state of Washington?

All forms of online sports wagering are prohibited in Washington State.


Is online Poker lawful in Washington State?

No, online Poker is not lawful in the state of Washington, but you can play live in Card Rooms, which Poker and card game players prefer because there are no Random Number Generators (RNGs) involved, allowing for more strategic opportunities!


Can I participate at an online casino from my smartphone or tablet in Washington?

Possibly, if a land-based casino allows you to interact with a virtual program or element while in the casino. As online casinos are prohibited in Washington State, you cannot play casino games on your mobile device or through an application.


Can dollars be used to play online casino games?

Yes, the majority of online casinos accept USD as a payment method, but many do not welcome participants from Washington State.


Are these online casinos in Washington State regulated?

We do not recommend online casinos in Washington State, only those for all US participants. All of the casinos we recommend are fully licensed, safe, secure, and fair wagering destinations.


How do I begin playing for real money at a casino in Washington State?

Start by conducting investigation on the Card Rooms and tribal casinos in your area. Their website will list the available games and the maximum wagering limits. However, there is no legal requirement for the publication of RTPs in the state of Washington, so do not expect to find this information. Once you’ve compiled a list of casinos or Card Rooms you’d like to visit, use online reviews and player feedback to pare it down, then begin travel planning and don’t forget your identification.


Do I owe taxes on my gambling winnings in the state of Washington?

Yes, you must pay a 25% tax rate on all wagering winnings in the state of Washington.


The State of Washington’s Online and Land-Based Gambling: A Review

At this time, Washington State is not taking any steps to legalize online wagering, so unless there is an abrupt legislative about-face, nothing will change in the near future. But with a formidable triumvirate of cruise ships, tribal casinos, and Card Rooms, this state has a vivacious and active land-based gambling scene in which anyone can potentially win large sums!

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